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Jan. 17th, 2010

Haven't posted in...forever, basically - but honestly, things have just been so busy that I haven't had time. Maybe I'll have more time to write about how things are later this week - I hope so. I miss writing; keeping a record of things in my life.

Tonight's just a little hard because Jake was supposed to be here until tomorrow morning, but due to the earthquake in Haiti has to be at work tomorrow at 6am to help the evacuees, and so had to leave tonight. This wouldn't really be an issue (and...isn't really an issue), except we didn't find out until 7:15pm, so...all of our plans for the evening kind of went out the window. Not that we had anything huge and exciting planned, but...at the very least I thought I'd be falling asleep in a non-empty bed tonight, and am trying to re-orient.

Which means finishing the piece of pie I started (but did not finish) around 4pm, drinking a glass of milk, curling up with my teddy bear, and reading The Big Snow, which is my favorite kid's book, and of which Jake bought me a copy for Christmas.

With any luck, the combination of the above, and the sleeping pills, will conspire to put me to sleep.

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