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So this weekend was the last weekend my brother and Kristine will live in CT. I'm going to miss them, but luckily, they'll visit and such - they're setting up a bedroom in the basement of the hosue so that they can stay with us when they're up. And my brother also suggested we come down to PA and go snowmobiling etc. this winter. Sweet!

This weekend was amazing, despite the fact that I ended up getting sick on Saturday and had to go to the doctor on Sunday. Jacob kind of forced me to take my temperature, and I was running a bit of a fever; couldn't seem to stop coughing, and started getting a serious sinus headache. So now I'm all loaded up with antibiotics and cough medicine, and while I'm not 100% or anything, I'm definitely feeling better than I did yesterday. I think I passed said cold off to Steve, as he and my mom stopped by to help fix the doorframe (which V's cat had...destroyed...) and he woke up yesterday feeling pretty awful, apparently. :/ I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping I didn't give it to anyone else (especially Jake).

I have to admit, it's really hard to get out of bed when you wake up curled up with someone, and they don't have to get up, and can roll over to go back to sleep. I have a feeling I'm doing to start disliking every other Monday morning/Sunday night for awhile, but I can deal with that. I have things here that I need to finish and do for myself, and... well, that's pretty much it for now, I suppose.

Here's to uh...a good week! And I move on Saturday, so here's to a smooth...moving process. Or something.

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